May 17 2018

Israeli ambassador humiliated at Istanbul airport – report

Israel’s ambassador to Turkey, expelled this week, was humiliated at Istanbul airport on his departure from the country, Arutz Sheva 7 reported.

Ambassador Eitan Naeh was subjected to special security checks in front of the Turkish media, which was invited to the airport by the government in Ankara to film him as he left, according to the website.

Turkey ordered Naeh’s explusion on Tuesday following the killing of more than 50 Palestinian protesters by Israeli security forces on the border with Gaza this week. Israel reciprocated, ordering Turkey’s consul general in Jerusalem out of the country.

The deaths on Monday and Tuesday sparked a war of words between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with Erdoğan saying Netanyahu had “blood on his hands” and inviting him to read the Ten Commandments.

The ambassador was subjected to a "harsh" security check, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said.

Political tensions between Turkey and Israel have risen since Erdoğan’s government won power in 2002 and amid increasing violence between Israelis and Palestinians. Erdoğan accuses Israel of state terrorism, while the government in Tel Aviv says Erdoğan is a political Islamist who supports Hamas and other illegal groups.