May 16 2018

Netanyahu’s son insults Turkey in explicit Instagram post

The son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has posted an insulting message on his Instagram profile after Turkey expelled Israel’s ambassador, Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz reported on Wednesday.

“Fuck Turkey,” read the text on an image of the Turkish flag posted on the social media site by Yair Netanyahu on Wednesday, with the flag’s crescent moon and star standing in for the letter C.

The post was made as a diplomatic row continues between the two countries after Israeli soldiers killed 58 Gazans and wounded thousands as they protested around the Israeli border on Monday.

Associates of Yair Netanyahu responded to the post by saying the prime minister’s son was a private person and his social media accounts were a private matter, according to Haaretz.

On Tuesday, the Turkish foreign ministry expelled Israeli Ambassador Eitan Naeh for an undetermined period of time. Naeh was asked to remove his shoes and frisked by Turkish security personnel in front of Turkish reporters at Istanbul Airport as he left, according to Haaretz.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Benjamin Netanyahu also traded barbs over Monday’s massacre in Gaza. Erdoğan called Netanyahu “the prime minister of an apartheid states,” prompting an angry response from the Israeli prime minister who slammed Turkey’s record on “combat ethics.”