Turkey exports cement and iron used for the West Bank wall, news agency

Bilateral trade between Turkey and Israel is not vulnerable to diplomatic rows, with cement and iron remain at the top of Turkey’s exports to Israel, Turkey-based Kurdish Mezopotamya News Agency reported.

After Israeli military’s Gaza flotilla raid in May 2010 that killed nine Turkish activists, Turkey’s exports to Israel seen a steady increase, the agency wrote. According to the latest Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TİM) figures, Israel ranks 9th with $3 billion volume in 2016.

Iron, cement and steel makes nearly 30 per cent of Turkey’s exports to Israel, Mezopotamya wrote, saying these materials are used for building the barrier that surrounds the occupied West Bank.

The agency said a new section of the wall is to be built in the Silwan neighbourhood in Jerusalem.

The International Court of Justice declared the barrier violates international law in a 2004 advisory opinion.