May 22 2019

Plane hits power pole at Istanbul airport, panicking passengers

Turkish Airlines passengers panicked on Wednesday, as their plane travelling to Ankara hit a power pole with at Istanbul airport during taxiing, Duvar news site reported.

The pole collapsed when struck by the plane’s wing, causing loud noise that panicked the passengers, Duvar said.

Passengers were evacuated and the reason for the crash has not been disclosed yet, Duvar said.

Journalist M. Serdar Kuzuloğlu, who was on the plane, wrote on the accident on Twitter, saying, “There is great damage. I have never witnessed something like that in my life. We are switching planes.”

Kuzuloğlu later said that they were on their way to Ankara with a two and a half hour delay. “No official announcement has been made. What I learned from officials informally are creeping (I cannot share),” he said.

Istanbul’s third airport, which has been a controversial project from its start, was in the spotlight last week after a series of flights were diverted to nearby Çorlu due to bad  weather conditions.

Duvar news site reported on Monday that the new airport did not have a meteorology radar and its approach systems were flawed, citing a pilot with a 40-year expertise.