Turkish NGO to go live with polls during Istanbul revote

A Turkish NGO which promotes election transparency will join state-run Anadolu News Agency in sharing the live polls of the Istanbul mayoral revote set to take place this month.

Oy ve Ötesi (Vote and Beyond) is preparing to go live with verified election reports on June 23, when Turkey’s largest city heads to polls to cast their ballots a second time in a mayoral election, independent news site Diken reported on Monday.

The NGO, which was established in 2014, previously published the election reports along with a pre-assessment report on their own website.

Voters may also use the NGO’s app to send election reports of their respective ballots, Diken said.

Vote and Beyond develops educational materials for elections and offers trainings to volunteers, who work as election observers during the polls. The organisation also has an online platform through which volunteers confirm the validity of ballot box protocols sent by election observers. Vote and Beyond later checks the official results by comparing them to the ballot box protocols.