New Istanbul airport floods after heavy rains

The building site of Istanbul’s massive new airport has been inundated after heavy rains, Turkish secularist news site OdaTV reported on Wednesday.

Images from the site show buses almost fully submerged in water in a lake of rainwater left by the floods.

İGA, the consortium in charge of the new airport’s construction, said in a statement after the flooding that it had only affected the site’s car park.

The statement, however, is unlikely to be welcomed by workers on the site, who have been involved in significant protests this year due to poor hygiene and health and safety conditions on the construction site.

Hundreds were detained in September after workers called a strike a month before the soft opening of the airport was due. The workers’ action was triggered by a bus accident that injured 17. However, workers on the site had a list of complaints about conditions on the site, including vermin infested accommodation and service buses that were late or unsafe.

On December 3, the Turkish Presidential Communications Centre announced that 52 workers had been killed in workplace deaths during the construction of the new airport.