Private Turkish news agency to cover Istanbul rerun as alternative to Anadolu

Turkey’s opposition KRT television has signed a deal with private ANKA news agency to provide data flow to all media outlets in Turkey during Istanbul mayoral election rerun scheduled for June 23, opposition news outlet ODA TV reported on Wednesday.

Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency, the only source of Turkish media on polls during elections over the past five years, was widely criticised on March 31 local polls as it suspended updating the results in Istanbul after it became clear that the opposition’s mayoral candidate Ekrem İmamoğlu was leading the race.

KRT announced that it will share the results of the election on June 23 on live broadcast due to the partnership it forged with ANKA. The independent news agency will also share its data with other media outlets.

ANKA was closed in 2018 after 46 years in service, but was later bought by Güneşim Media