Istanbul on edge over fear of chemical rain after factory fire

Discoloured rainwater in Istanbul on Friday prompted concerns among Istanbul residents over exposure to chemical substances, after a fire in a chemical factory on Thursday in Tuzla Organised Industrial Zone on the Asian part of the province, Duvar news site reported.

People living around Tuzla panicked on Friday as they noticed yellow and white water running down the streets after a heavy rain, the left -leaning news site said. 

“Now poisonous water is raining on our heads,” said a resident of Tuzla who wanted to remain anonymous. “What will happen if we die? They take no precautions and now they say ‘the wind carried them away, nobody should be afraid of’.”

Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency, AFAD, said early Friday that no negative findings had been detected in measurements had been made after the fire. 

"According to the information received from the General Directorate of Meteorology, it is foreseen that pollutant emissions that will be released into the atmosphere as a result of fire will leave our country until late at night and will not create an extraordinary effect in any region of our country due to the expected rainfall on Friday,” the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation said in a written statement. 

A security personnel working in the industrial zone told Duvar that the reason why waters running on the street were white and yellow was the substances used by fire fighters. 

Ekrem İmamoğlu, the mayor of Istanbul, also tried to calm down the panic among Istanbulites. “This fire will not have such a negative effect,” he told reporters during a ceremony on Friday.