Video showcasing road rage of Turkish baklava makers goes viral

A video of a couple being cut off and attacked on a highway in Istanbul has gone viral in Turkey’s social media on Sunday. The perpetrators later turned out to be the owners of a Turkish dessert brand, Seydi Oğlu Baklava.

The video shows a car cutting off another car with a couple inside in the Pendik district of Istanbul’s D-100 highway. Two men leaving the car break the rear view mirror of the couple’s car, then start hitting the hood. The woman repeatedly says she is pregnant, but the attackers continue with one of them climbing on top of the hood.

The couple went to the police with the recording said the attackers were driving on the emergency lane illegally, and swerved to cut in front of the couple when they noticed a police car ahead. They cut the couple off when they didn’t let them pass, and the incident happened.

In a tweet, Republican People’s Party (CHP) Istanbul MP Gürsel Tekin said, “City bullies attacked a pregnant woman’s car in the middle of the road. The city is not the middle of nowhere. Thuggery cannot rule [here]. We will follow up to ensure the harshest punishment for this barbarism.”

Turkish opposition newspaper Sözcü identified the attackers as Hasan and Hüseyin Sel, owners of the desert brand Seydi Oğlu Baklava, based on information they obtained from police sources. Hasan Sel owns several other companies worth millions of liras in various industries.

The brand name is very similar to another Turkish dessert maker, the famous Seyidoğlu Baklavas, who issued a statement on the company’s official Twitter account to clarify the similarity and deny any involvement with either of the perpetrators. 

“We would like to announce to the public that as Seyidoğlu Baklavas, our company has nothing whatsoever to do with the “Seydi Oğlu” brand cited in news articles about the incident where a pregnant woman was attacked. The individuals named Hasan and Hüseyin Sel have never worked at our company and have no relation to us.”

Police called Hasan Sel in for a statement and he is expected to report to the police on Monday.