Brave people of Turkey marching to power, says opposition leader

Former Interior Minister and current leader of nationalist opposition İYİ (Good) Party Meral Akşener said in her party’s fourth extraordinary congress on Saturday that they were “born to march to power” and will establish a new, fast-acting but accountable system, reported state-run Anadolu Agency.

Akşener said the poverty in Turkey is due to misgovernment and not a lack of resources as the country has fertile lands, rich natural resources and a young and productive population.

The nationalist leader said the government handed over the Turkish army’s weapons factories to foreigners to be squandered, referring to the privatisation of a tank factory.

Akşener said the Turkish people have never lost their dignity throughout history, because they never bowed before injustice. “June 23 election results have shown that our nation is aware of what has been going on. Turkey is waking up from a 17-year-long nightmare,” said the former interior minister.

Meral Akşener vowed to restore the law, “not just in courts, but in the sense of a country to which the law brings justice, trust, peace, productivity, investment and prosperity”.

Akşener said her government will establish a new, fast-acting but accountable system in Turkey. The party will put forth its vision for democracy and listen to all sections of society, according to Akşener, and write a new constitution that will showcase true societal agreement as “51 percent is not enough for [them]”.

Akşener also promised reforms on violence against women and support for local and national business.

Akşener said the government has poured all state resources into Istanbul for ambitions of profiteering from the construction sector, but her party will create new centres of attraction in all regions of Turkey.

The former interior minister promised agricultural reform and the abolition of Higher Board of Education, a central governing body for universities established after the 1980 coup. 

She said those who let foreign countries snap up the country’s talented people cannot call themselves nationalists. According to Akşener, the true nationalists are the teachers who give their lives to educate the youth.

Akşener then recited a poem by the famous communist poet Nazım Hikmet.