Turkish man sentenced to 12 years in prison over fatal stabbing in domestic violence case

A Turkish court on Wednesday sentenced a man accused of killing the abusive boyfriend of a woman to 12 years and six months in jail, Birgün newspaper reported.

Twenty-year-old Kadir Şeker has been detained since February, when he intervened in a domestic violence incident in Turkey’s central province of Konya. Following a brawl, Şeker stabbed to death a man as he subjected his girlfriend to violence in a city park. 

The victim had an extensive criminal record, which included theft, looting and drug dealing.

Şeker’s case has made headlines with social media users calling for justice for the medical student with the hashtag “Kadir is innocent” (#kadirsuçsuzdur).

Şeker’s lawer, Mustafa Aladağ, said they were surprised by the verdict and would be taking the case to the Appeals Court.