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Oct 18 2018

Saudi suspect in Khashoggi disappearance reportedly dies in car accident - pro-gov't Yeni Şafak

A suspect in the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and member of the Saudi Royal Air Force has died in a car accident in Riyadh, the Turkish pro-government Yeni Şafak newspaper said on Thursday. 

It did not say what role Mashal Saad al-Bostani may have played in the alleged killing of Khashoggi, nor did it report any details about the traffic crash. Bostani was one of the 15 suspects Turkey identified who landed in Istanbul on Oct. 2, the day that Khashoggi disappeared, and left the same day after visiting the Saudi consulate. 

Turkish police this week searched the consulate and consul for many hours. Officials leaking to the press have said recordings confirm the suspects killed Khashoggi and dismembered his body. 

Yeni Şafak said Mohammad al-Otaibi, Saudi Arabia’s Istanbul consul, was recorded as telling members of the 15-man team “do it somewhere else outside or I will be in trouble”.

“Shut up if you want to live when you are back in Saudi Arabia,” one of the men replied. 

Otaibi’s house was searched by police on Wednesday and Thursday. He returned to Saudi Arabia on Tuesday. 

Yenisafak is a pro-Turkish government, Islamist newspaper notorious for fabricating stories in the past and current. In the Khashoggi episode, some of leading Western outlets such as New York Times, Washington Post and others have based some of their stories on Yenisafak stories. There isn't much detail on this story so far and Yenisafak is the the main source reporting it in Turkey.