Dec 10 2017

Erdoğan: Evangelists are behind Trump’s Jerusalem provocation

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip said U.S.’ decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is a provocation organised by Evangelists.

“We will not accept this move that violates the rights of Muslims, as well as Christians, over Jerusalem,” Erdoğan was quoted as saying by pro-government newspaper Star.

During his address at the  exporters' innovation and entrepreneurship week, Erdoğan reacted on U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision, saying “with this move, the U.S. violated United Nations Security Council decisions.”

Erdoğan displayed a map showing the territorial changes in Palestine since 1947 and said:

Israel is an occupier state. Right now, they are terrorising children, attacking Gaza with F-16s in a show of power. But having power does not make you right.