Kayseri civil society figures arrested waving Turkish flag in Jerusalem

Three civil society figures and three businessmen from the conservative city of Kayseri were detained by Israeli police on Friday, economy-focussed newspaper Dünya said.

The group, which had arrived in Israel that morning, attracted police attention by unfurling a Turkish flag to take a group photograph as they came out of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, where they had been carrying out Friday prayers.

Nedim Olgunharpututlu, the head of Kayseri province’s Islamist businessmen’s association (MÜSİAD), Celal Hasnalçacı, the deputy head of the province’s chamber of commerce, and Ahmet Yurtlu, the head of the provincial association of graduates of imam and preacher schools (KİMDER), were arrested alongside businessmen Şaban Andaç, Fatih Çelik and Necati Arpacı.

MÜSİAD issued a statement saying the men were all healthy and that the group was working with the Turkish Foreign Ministry and Turkish Association of Chambers of Commerce to advocate on their behalf.

They were expected to be released soon, the group added.


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