“Mr. Trump will pay the price” on Jerusalem - Erdoğan

Right before his Africa trip that covers Sudan, Tunisia and Chad, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has given an interview for the Cape Town-based news outlet All Africa.

In his first remarks after the United Nations General Assembly vote over Jerusalem, Erdoğan said:

“128 countries thought alike [us], siding with Palestine vis-à-vis developments regarding Al-Quds [Jerusalem]. Only eight countries stood by Trump and the U.S. administration, and 35 had reservations [abstained] and they were under tremendous pressure. Had they been relieved, they would take sides with the 128 others, voting in favour of this resolution. Looking at the countries siding with Trump, it is quite obvious under the circumstances, that President Trump will review the situation that he is in.

If we are on the side of peace, we have to say yes to the two-state solution in Palestine. But if we are not defending peace and want to push Middle East into turmoil and conflict, then the price to be paid will be upon Mr. Trump and Israel.

Humanity is not seeking battle anymore. Especially the Middle East is quite weary of conflicts and wars. What is happening in Iraq and in Syria is quite obvious, millions are dying, women and children are falling. Recently in Palestine, a child suffering from down syndrome was beaten up by Israeli soldiers, he was smashed against the wall. Even young girls are being harmed at the face of these atrocities.

Israel is a state of violence, and there is a state-sponsored terrorism in al-Quds, we have to see these facts for what they are. And that’s why we have to unite. Because this is not a matter among Muslims, it is a matter for the entire humanity.”

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