Veteran Turkish journalist sentenced for insulting ex-PM Binali Yıldırım

A Turkish court on Wednesday sentenced Uğur Dündar, a veteran Turkish journalist and a columnist of the secularist Sözcü newspaper, to 11 months and 20 days in prison for insulting Turkey’s former Prime Minister, in a column published in 2014.

The court used its right granted by Turkish laws to turn Dündar’s sentence over insulting Binali Yıldırım to other forms of alternative punishments, left-wing news site Duvar said.

Dündar was sentenced to read books, dissertations, and articles on “crimes against people’s honour” at least two hours a day during working hours for 5 months and 25 days.

The court previously sentenced Dündar 11 months 20 days in prison in 2015, but the Appeals Court reversed the ruling.