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Dec 06 2018

German government stonewalls inquiry on Turkish intelligence’s role in 2016 coup

The German government has refused to answer a parliamentary inquiry about the Turkish National Intelligence Organisation’s (MİT) role in a coup attempt in 2016, citing “confidentiality” and “state interests”, German state broadcaster Deutsche Welle Turkish reported on Thursday.

The Free Democrat Party (FDP) had questioned MİT’s activities in Germany and media reports on Turkish intelligence’s attempts to infiltrate German institutions in an inquiry it submitted to the German government.

The German Interior Ministry, which replied to the inquiry on behalf of the government, said MİT had focused on the Turkish opposition in Germany in its activities in the country. While MİT in the past had concentrated more on pro-Kurdish and pro-socialist groups, the ministry said that it has since 2016 shifted its focus to the Gülen movement, which the Turkish government accuses of orchestrating the coup attempt.

Since 2008, 23 preliminary investigations have been launched by German prosecutors over MİT’s espionage activities in Germany, the ministry said, adding that there were four investigations still being investigated by the chief prosecutor’s office.