Mar 27 2018

District governor advocates extrajudicial killing of child abusers

A Turkish district governor has advocated extrajudicial killings of convicted child abusers in prisons during a speech at a local high school, the Turkish daily newspaper Cumhuriyet reported on Tuesday.

“Putting some vermin in jail for eight or 15 years after he rapes a child, that is not a part of Turkey’s customs or its society,” said Alper Balcı, the district governor of the northwest Turkish town of Kocaali. “But I’m glad we do. Why am I glad? Because in prison, they do the necessary to vermin child rapists.”

The context of the comments, and Balcı’s following statements declaring support for the death sentence, make it difficult to interpret “the necessary” as anything other than extrajudicial killings, as Cumhuriyet's headline "District governor defends extrajudicial killings" - underlines.

“(Deputy Prime Minister) Recep Akdağ has discussed chemical castration,” said Balcı. “I’m all for the death sentence. But under this legal system, that is not possible, but chemical castration should certainly be implemented.”