Law professor says case against him is politically motivated

İbrahim Kaboğlu, a renowned Turkish professor of constitutional law, said a criminal investigation recently launched against him for a petition he signed two years ago was politically motivated.

Kaboğlu was among more than 2,000 academics who, in January 2015, demanded the Turkish government stop military operations in the southeast of the country, which they said cause civilian casualties.

Many of the academics who signed the petition, which was circulated by the "Academics for Peace", were later dismissed by government decrees.

A state of emergency declared after the July 2016 coup attempt allowed the government to issue decree laws without judicial or parliamentary review. Those who were dismissed by decree had no right to appeal.

A commission set up after a year by the government to settle disputes and rule on appeals has been criticised by many observers as inefficient. The 7-member commission is expected to review the files of more than 100,000 state employees dismissed by the government.

Kaboğlu said the prosecutor asked him to testify regarding the right to petition after he was dismissed from the university by a decree. A court promptly issued a foreign travel ban on him, banning Kaboğlu from teaching at France’s prestigious Sorbonne University, which offered him a position after his dismissal.



In an opinion article published at Ahval, Kaboğlu said, The Academics for Peace trials show how a series of thought crimes are punishable by sentencing in Turkey.