Dec 19 2017

Turkey is the "European champion" in ECHR violations – columnist

"Turkey holds a European record that we cannot be proud of," the secular Hürriyet newspaper’s veteran columnist Sedat Ergin wrote, "it is a champion in violating the European Convention on Human Rights."

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), which was set up to hear cases based on breaches by countries party to the convention, also provides annual statistics.

The following table shows the total violations by member countries between 1959 and 2016 [pdf].

Turkey, despite joining the convention in 1987, is the country most rulings of violations have been issued for: 2,889 out of 3,270 judgments found a violation by Turkey, while only 73 of cases did not. The remaining cases include out-of-court settlements and other judgments.

Source: European Court of Human Right, Violation by article and by states (1959-2016).
Source: European Court of Human Right, Violation by article and by states (1959-2016).

Since many rulings include more than one violation, Turkey’s had actually violated the convention 4,514 times, Ergin said.

The right to a fair trial, where Turkish court proceedings have been found to lack universal standards, and the right to liberty and security, with the court criticising Turkey’s arbitrary detentions, were the top two violations.

A lack of effective investigation of cases of torture and inhumane treatment shows the ‘culture of impunity,’ Ergin wrote, with violations by state actors being covered up instead of being investigated, prosecuted and sentenced properly, and thus avoiding the ECHR route.