Turkey issues decree to enforce prison jumpsuits for coup suspects

Turkish government issued a state of emergency decree to enforce convicts and remands to wear standard prison uniforms in court hearings, pro-government newspaper Türkiye reported.

Those who are detained or convicted because of crimes listed in the Anti-Terror Law, and the crimes against constitutional order and state security listed in the Turkish Penal Code, will be forced to wear prison clothes during trials, it said.

The regulation reads the suspects for terror related crimes will wear almond-colour uniforms, the newspaper said, while suspects for the July 2016 coup attempt will be forced to wear grey clothes.

A public debate has started in July, when a coup suspects has put on a white shirt that read “HERO” on it.

After public outcry, Erdoğan has said that suspects for coup-related crimes should wear uniforms “like in Guantanamo,” German public broadcaster DW has reported at the time.

“They will not be allowed to wear whatever they like, this is how we will present them to the world,” said Erdoğan.