Dec 14 2017

Döner kebab survives crucial European Parliament vote

The döner kebab in its present form has narrowly survived a European Parliament attempt to ban it due to the use of phosphates in its preparation, left-nationalist news website OdaTV said.

The measure, supported by social democratic and environmentalist parties on health grounds, received 373 votes in favour and 272 against, but fell three votes short of the absolute majority required to pass.

The centre-right European People’s Party had campaigned against the proposal with the slogan “Hands off the kebab”.

“Our group will do whatever it can to prevent an atmosphere of panic and to avert a kebab ban in Europe,” OdaTV quoted German Christian Democrat MEP Renate Sommer as saying.

“The drink Coca-Cola contains higher phosphate levels than a döner.”

In 2018, OdaTV said, the European Food Safety Authority would publish a report into the effects of phosphates on heart and vein health.

Should the result be a clear-cut negative, the döner kebab – and Coca-Cola – may find itself in jeopardy again.