Local NGO warns over fraud in upcoming KRG elections

An analysis of voter lists in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in northern Iraq has said that rampant voter fraud could mar the upcoming Kurdistan National Assembly elections, reported Awene, one of the few media sources in the KRG not affiliated with a political movement.

The report, prepared by a civil society organisation called the National Movement for Democracy and Rule of Law, claimed there are a total of  552,600 fraudulent names registered to vote in the upcoming May 2018 elections.

Based on past voting patterns, the report added, this would allow fraudsters to swing around 30 of the 100 directly-elected seats, with the remaining ten seats being reserved for minorities.

Rebwar Karim, journalist and spokesman for the group, was quoted by Awene as saying that these figures meant that no credible election could take place.

Karim recommended that the current cabinet resign and a “salvation government” work together to guide the region through the current crisis.

KRG’s 2013 assembly elections were themselves tarnished by allegations of fraud, which led to the official results being delayed.


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