“I think I could even win on the first round” – Turkish presidential candidate

Well-known Turkish journalist Levent Gültekin, who announced his candidacy for the presidency on Twitter after a snap election was called on Wednesday for Jun. 24, told German broadcaster Deutsche Welle that people put off with the existing parties would likely bring him an electoral victory.

“I see my chances as being very high. Indeed, I think I could even win on the first round,” Gültekin said.

“There’s a good reason why Erdoğan is going for ‘ambush elections’. One is the economy, and another is that in all of the polls he is in the 40–43 (percent) band.”

The government was abandoning democracy, freedoms and justice, he said.

“There is no law in Turkey. Our first priority will be to quickly establish a truly impartial legal system.”

The return of powers to parliament, the separation of powers and the implementation of impartial institutions would also be high on his agenda, along with a new constitution that would protect citizens’ rights, lifestyles and freedoms, he said.

Gültekin emphasised that he was putting both his life and his reputation at risk, but that this was the time to do it.

“Politics needs to become a race based on services. Who will give a better education, make a better economy, make the environment more liveable, create an atmosphere of peace, understand the language of the new generation, and spread freedom further,” he said.


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