Is Ankara LGBTI meeting ban spreading to Istanbul?

The governorship of Istanbul’s Beyoğlu district announced a ban on a planned LGBTI meeting, march and film screening for Saturday evening in a Friday press statement.

The text of the statement said the event was being banned due to “possibly contradicting constitutional order or general morality, and forming a clear and present danger from the perspective of public order and security.”

This specific ban follows an indefinite blanket ban on LGBTI public activities in Ankara by the governorate there, and will concern members of the LGBTI community throughout Turkey as a sign of the country’s political direction.



For the last two evenings, student groups have been hosting LGBTI film screenings at Middle East Technical University in Ankara in protest at the ban.

On both occasions the university rectorate cut power to the buildings and posted large numbers of private security personnel outside, but did not go so far as to raid the screenings.


Click here for the full text of the statement