Turkey bans Germany-backed gay film festival on security

The governor of Turkey’s capital Ankara banned the German LGBTI Film Days, a two-day mini-festival, the day before it was due to start on grounds that it might provoke “groups with opposing views”.

“Considering that the content could incite grudges and enmity toward a part of society... and the intelligence reports that terror organisations are seeking to attack dissident groups or individuals, it is evaluated that this film screening could be provocative and draw reactions,” the Ankara governor’s office said according to Reuters.

One Islamist newspaper opposed to the government had portrayed the festival, organised by a local gay rights group and sponsored by the German Embassy, as a direct challenge to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s power.

If allowed to proceed, the screening from Thursday of the four German-language films, Milli Gazete said, would take place “in the heart of Turkey, right beside the seat of the political actor who comes out (shouting) against the West.”

“Turkey has not entered the EU,” the newspaper said. “but perversion has entered everywhere.”