Turkey cuts scholarships of students detained during Pride march

Turkish authorities stripped the scholarships of several Middle East Technical University  students detained during an LGBTI pride march on the university campus in May, T-24 news site reported on Tuesday.

The Credit and Dormitories Institution (KYK) within Turkey’s Ministry of Education ended the scholarships and required the students to pay their accumulated tuition fees to the institution. 

Some twenty-two students were detained on May 10 during the march organised by the university’s LGBTI solidarity group. The march had been banned by Ankara’s governor. 

According to Kaos GL, an LGBTI rights group in Turkey, the KYK notified the students that they had been stripped of their scholarships by letter. The decision had been taken under the regulation that allows cutting the scholarships of students involved in terrorist activity, which violate the right to education, the letter said. 

Turkish authorities on Sunday banned for the fifth year in a row the annual pride march for LGBTI rights in Istanbul. The city’s last pride march in 2014 saw attendance of up to 100,000 people,