Turkey’s southern province of Mersin bans Pride March

The governor’s office of Turkey’s southern province of Mersin has banned all Pride Week activities, citing security concerns and public morals, independent Turkish news site Diken reported.

Mersin’s fifth Pride Week celebrations, which had been scheduled to take place between July 1-7, will be banned under the Turkish Law on Meetings and Demonstrations, the Mersin governorship said.

The ban is effective starting June 25 and valid for 20 days, it said.

Mersin joins another southern province of Antalya and Turkey’s largest city of Istanbul, where the LGBTI+ Pride March has been prohibited for the last four years over security concerns.

Amnesty International has launched a campaign calling for authorities allow Istanbul’s the Pride March scheduled to take place on June 30.

A general ban on LGBTI gatherings issued by the Ankara Governor under the State of Emergency was lifted through a court decision on February 21, 2019.