Feb 26 2018

Turkish court upholds ruling to dismiss gays from the army

Turkey’s Constitutional Court upheld a ruling that will allow the dismissal of members Turkey’s armed forces on the grounds of “unnatural intimacy”, human rights group kaos.gl said.

The decision, reached by majority verdict, will allow gay members of Turkish armed forces to be dismissed.

Acting president of the Constitutional Court, Engin Yıldırım, who dissented from the decision said, ““That homosexual relations are assessed in the scope of the concept 'unnatural intimacy' contradicts the contemporary developments emerging in the area of human rights.””

In his 23-page dissenting opinion, Yıldırım made reference to the international conventions to which Turkey is a party, European Court of Human rights rulings, United Nations Human Rights Committee reports. He also noted the rule was in breach of articles 10, 13 and 20 of the Turkish constitution, which relate to “equality before law”, “restriction of fundamental rights and liberties” and “privacy of life”.