Islamists call for Turkey-wide ban on LGBTI activities

Following the indefinite ban on LGBTI meetings, seminars and artistic activities in the Turkish capital Ankara imposed by the governor of the province on Sunday, Islamist media outlets and civil society groups have begun calling for the ban to be extended across Turkey.

“Perversion is the biggest human rights abuse,” Human Rights Defenders Association Chairman Ali Akbaş told Akit newspaper.

“The prevention of attempts to impose perversion on our society is no limit on rights or freedoms,” Akbaş said, calling for organised LGBTI activities to be banned in every province of Turkey.

Lawyer Ferhat Çakır told Akit that public LGBTI activities “made Muslims’ blood boil” and should be banned as a “threat to public security”. Similar bans were imposed on provocative activities in Europe and America, he said.

LGBTI group Kaos GL issued a statement criticising the Ankara ban.

“We face a murky situation which criminalises the existence of LGBTI individuals and is open to wide interpretations and rights abuses,” the group said.

“LGBTI civil society organisations are respected institutions that have been fighting discrimination and hate for equal citizenship for years … Bans that make it impossible for them to work can never, ever be accepted in a democratic society.”