Greek authorities stop explosives-laden ship en route from Turkey

The Greek coastguard impounded a cargo ship carrying tonnes of weapons from Turkey to Libya in violation of international sanctions, Greek newspaper Kathimerini said.

The Andromeda, a Tasmanian-registered vessel filled with 29 containers of explosives, was “a moving time-bomb”, it quoted Greek coastguard security chief Yiannis Argyriou as saying.

The ship’s records said its cargo, loaded at the Turkish ports of Mersin and İskenderun, was bound for Djibouti and Oman, but the captain said he had been ordered to take it to the Libyan city of Misrata, the newspaper said.

Misrata is under the control of rebels that analysts say are being supported by Turkey and Qatar.

The European Union and United Nations have had embargoes on the supply of weapons to any faction in Libya since 2011.