Libyan National Army fighting ‘all-out war’ against Turkey - spokesman

The Libyan National Army (LNA) is fighting an all-out war against Turkey as it competes to wrest control of Libya from the Turkish-backed and U.N.-recognised government in Tripoli, the LNA’s spokesman said.

The LNA is fighting the Turkish army with all of its land, sea and electronic means, Syrian government-affiliated news site Al Masdar News quoted the LNA’s spokesman, Ahmed al-Mismari, as saying at a press conference.

Turkey signed a deal with the Tripoli government in November that has seen Turkish soldiers deployed to Libya, where shipments of Turkish military hardware and drones have helped the capital withstand the assault from the eastern-based LNA.

International media reported that Turkey had also flown in thousands of its Syrian rebel allies to bolster Tripoli’s manpower.

“The Syrian mercenaries in Libya are undergoing great losses, and Turkish intelligence is ready to publish any fake news with the aim of distracting them from their heavy losses,” said Mismari at the press conference.