Jun 29 2018

Prominent economy expert sacked from TV programme after palace criticism

Turkish television economist Mahfi Eğilmez has announced that he “has found himself parted from” his employer NTV after he was targeted by one of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s economic advisors as a doom-mongerer on the economy, liberal news site Diken said.

Palace economist Yiğit Bulut had written an opinion column last month saying that Bloomberg, NTV and Eğilmez were “systematically trying to create an environment of ‘we have gone/are about to go into a crisis’... DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM!”

Bulut also compared what he saw as an attempt to provoke an economic crisis to the July 2016 coup attempt, saying that Eğilmez’s work was collaborating with outside forces to bring down Turkey.

Foreign banks and institutions were also involved in this financial coup attempt, Bulut added.