Turkish forces bombard Syrian government positions in Manbij, north Syria - report

The Turkish military shelled Syrian government positions near Manbij in northern Syria, wounding two high-ranking officers in a village west of the strategic town, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights quoted sources as saying.

The strikes came days after Turkish-backed rebels bombarded the same areas, killing a young girl and wounding her father, the London-based observatory said.

Turkish forces and their Syrian opposition allies have come up against forces loyal to President Bashar Assad around Manbij, a key town that lies on the M4 highway west of the River Euphrates, since launching a military operation in October that drove Kurdish-led groups from much of north Syria.

The confrontation between Turkey and the Syrian government grew heated last month in Idlib, another part of northern Syria, after the Turkish military launched an intensive drone bombardment of Syrian troops in retaliation for an attack that killed 34 Turkish soldiers on Feb. 27.