Nationalistic Turkish bank advert leads to social media reaction

A nationalistic advert for a Turkish state bank has prompted a flurry of social media reaction trying to work out its true meaning.

The advertisement for Ziraat Bank, which shows a series of Turkish landscapes, cultural events and foods, is accompanied by a soundtrack that says, “Give this up, then”, listing things that an expatriate Turk might feel nostalgia for.

A thread on popular social media site Ekşisözlük entitled “Ziraat Bank’s ‘don’t flee the country’-themed advertisement” has attracted 454 comments in less than two days.

“First hire personnel for your bank without an insider reference and then you’ll convince people,” user Hayricik responded.

“They say ‘don’t give up the greenery and flowers’. This is the country where 10 people were killed in order that two trees not be cut down. Where were you then?” said user Santradauclusex, referring to the 2013 protests over plans to redevelop Gezi Park in Istanbul.

The ongoing brain drain is becoming an increasingly important problem in Turkey, especially as the political situation has become more tense.

The advert ends with a voiceover saying that the bank has always been behind hard working people who have not left the country.

“Wonderful video. I’m now definitely convinced I have to go,” wrote user Bigbig.