Turkish investors must change their tune – columnist

Investors in Turkey’s economy and financial markets must change their tune in 2018, rather than react negatively to every piece of bad news about the country, according to Kerem Alkin, an economist and board member of Turkey’s sovereign wealth fund.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is building Turkey’s regional and global profile through a multi-faceted foreign policy that’s making the established global order nervous. While the country should expect more attacks on Erdoğan from abroad, local investors should remain calm and make investment decisions for the long term, Alkin said in the daily Sabah newspaper on Monday.

Market professionals were unable to see or read the significance of a decision last week by the U.S. to lift visa restrictions on Turkey, Alkin wrote. Instead of making similar mistakes concerning such developments, local investors should help build the country’s economic infrastructure and add value to the economy, he added.

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