Turkish police tell holiday-goers to clear cove hosting Erdoğan’s summer residence

The Turkish maritime police on Wednesday told holiday-goers to remove their yachts from Okluk cove in the coastal town of Marmaris, where the construction Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s summer residence has been continuing.

The police said all yachts, daily tour boats, and vessels should leave the area in half an hour and those who fail to follow the order, would be fined, T24 news site reported.

Another police team also blocked vessels that are trying to enter the cove, it said.

The Turkish president’s main palace is located on the outskirts of capital Ankara. The imposing 1150-room structure, which stands four times larger than the famously extravagant Versailles Palace, was constructed on protected land in defiance of environmental concerns and court orders.

Meanwhile, some 50,000 trees have been reportedly cut down and an area of 10,966 square metres has been filled in for the Turkish president’s new summer residence.