Turkey’s finance minister says commentary on McKinsey deal ‘treasonous’

Pro-ruling Justice and Development (AKP) Islamist Yeni Akit daily columnist Abdurrahman Dilipak’s criticism of Ankara’s alleged deal with a U.S.-based consulting company on Wednesday has come under fire by Turkey’s finance minister, Yenicag newspaper reported.

Turkish opposition media has reported that Finance Minister and Erdoğan’s son-in-law Berat Albayrak on Sept. 28 revealed that the Turkish government has decided to work with US-based international consultancy McKinsey & Company during a conference held by the Turkey-U.S. Business Council (TAIK) in New York.

Dilipak appeared on Akit TV on Wednesday, criticising such a deal with the United States, which Ankara has been in a diplomatic row with over Turkey's ongoing detention of a U.S. pastor.

"McKinsey is no different from FETÖ,’’ Dilipak said on Akit TV, in an apparent reference to the Gülen movement, which Ankara blames for the country’s 2016 coup attempt and designates a terrorist organisation.

‘’You cannot bring a dirty company which worked for Enron into Turkey. You cannot do this. If you do, then to hell with you,’’ he added.

While the ruling party has yet to confirm the agreement with McKinsey, the country’s opposition is using the claim to pedal the idea that the Erdogan administration implementing an IMF programme, which it has in the past slammed, without working directly with the IMF.

Albayrak on Wednesday said commentary on Turkey’s deal with McKinsey and & Company is ‘’betrayal’’ of Turkey while noting that Ankara spoke with multiple firms to gain their perspective on the country’s embattled economy.