Turkish authorities detain two journalists covering suspicious death of 11-year-old girl

Turkish police on Wednesday detained two journalists who were following a case of the suspicious death of an 11-year old girl, T24 reported.

Canan Coşkun and Kazım Kızıl were detained in Eynesil, a town in the northern Turkish province of Giresun, where Rabia Naz Vatan was found dead last April.

The police ruled her death a suicide, but her father's own investigations led him to new evidence that contradicted the initial ruling.

Vatan fought for months to bring public attention to his case after uncovering evidence he said suggested police may have covered up the involvement of the relative of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP)'s local mayor in her death.

Çoşkun and Kızıl were detained while they were following the case together with a commission consisting of members of the Turkish parliament, journalist Tunca Öğreten said on social media.

The alleged involvement of powerful ruling party officials in a cover-up has drawn widespread criticism in Eynesil, and is thought to have contributed to the AKP’s loss of its former stronghold district in the March 31 local election to the main opposition Republican People's Party.