CIA blackmailed ISIS fighters into attack attempt on Turkey - pro-government TV channel

The CIA is threatening to slaughter the families of fleeing ISIS fighters unless they carry out suicide attacks on Turkish soil, according to a TV news channel known for its support of the Turkish government.

“America and the PYD/YPG terror organisation are using surrendered ISIS members as suicide bombers through threats,” according to the A Haber news item on Thursday morning, citing two Egyptian ISIS fighters captured at the Turkish border.

The two men, the report said, had agreed to become suicide bombers in a deal with the CIA to save their families.

“However, it is claimed that over the last 4 months thousands of ISIS militants have been brought to many different countries as suicide bombers due to U.S. intelligence,” the report continued.

One of the main targets of these bombings would be Turkish troops in Idlib, it said.

Turkuvaz Media Group, which owns A Haber and Sabah newspaper, was seized by the Turkish state in 2007 and sold to a group of businessmen sympathetic to the government the next year.

It is now owned by Kalyon Group, a member of the consortium building Istanbul’s new $26 billion airport, and has remained staunchly pro-government in outlook.