May 17 2018

Leftist organization calls Turkey to turn off TVs in protest of pro-gov’t media

A leftist organization in Turkey on Tuesday called for a nationwide campaign to turn televisions off on Friday to protest the pro-government media and their ‘’deliberate airing of false news,’’ left-wing news site Birgün reported.

The United June Movement (BHH), is asking for everyone to turn their televisions off at 8 p.m. TSI, in an act of protest against pro-government media which ‘’disseminates hatred through disinformation,’’ the daily said.

In March of this year Doğan Holding, owned by secular business tycoon Aydın Doğan, announced it would be selling its units including CNN Türk and Hürriyet, Turkey’s best-selling newspaper, to Demirören Holding, owned by a businessman with close ties to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The sale was seen by critics as the last nail in the coffin of Turkish free media.

The call by BHH asserted that state-owned TRT television station was ‘’telling people lies with the money of the people,’’ and called on Turkey to stop watching pro-government outlets, which comprise 90 percent of Turkish media.

The campaign is using the hashtag  #TamamKapatıyoruz, a play on #Tamam, meaning enough, which is an anti-Erdoğan tweet that reached almost 2 million shares and became a top trend last week after the Turkish president said "if the nation says 'enough' then we would step aside."