Turkey unblocks news site Bianet, says it was banned by mistake

A Turkish court on Wednesday removed the ban on independent news site Bianet, saying the access block to the site’s content had been an error, Bianet reported.

The site was blocked on Tuesday due to a Ankara court decision in July that also barred access to 135 other websites and Twitter accounts. The gendarmerie, a paramilitary police force responsible for policing rural areas, had called on the court to block access to the sites. 

Examining the case file, Bianet lawyer Meriç Eyüpoğlu said he had seen that the gendarmerie had applied to court on July 17, saying that Bianet had been added to the list by mistake. The gendarmerie asked the court to remove the ban on Bianet and just block access to some news reports. The court the same day ruled in favour of the appeal. 

Eyüpoğlu said the court on Wednesday lifted the ban, after the lawyers appealed showing that the court had already reversed its decision in July. 

Established in 1998, independent Bianet documents violations of freedom of expression and violence against women in Turkey, in addition to holding journalism workshops.