Turkish radio host calls for shooting of anti-war protestors

A Turkish radio host has called on police to shoot anti-war protestors, Marxist news site SoL said.

“The police should come out and shoot them,” Ali Şentürk said on his programme in response to a call from the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) for people to take to the streets and protest Turkey’s military invasion of the Kurdish-held Syrian district of Afrin.

“They should shoot them whether they are parliamentarians, businessmen, or journalists,” Şentürk said.

Barış Yarkadaş, a parliamentarian for the main opposition, Republican People’s Party (CHP) said he had reported the comments to Turkey’s broadcasting watchdog.

“An important broadcasting institution belonging to this country cannot target a citizen of this country and call for them to be executed,” he said.

A television programme also dedicated a section of its show on Monday to criticising celebrities who had not posted messages of support for the Turkish military operation in Afrin, left-wing news site İleri Haber said.

The section “Which celebrities haven’t supported the Afrin operation?” also criticised those who posted messages calling for peace, the site said.