Dec 17 2017

Zarrab trial reporter: There is a thirst for information in Turkey

Adam Klasfeld, a reporter for U.S.-based Courthouse News, is almost a household name in Turkey now, thanks to his tweeted updates from the Zarrab trial.

Bianet, an independent Turkish news website, interviewed Klasfeld, asking what does he think about his instant fame in Turkey.

Klasfeld said:

Whether in Washington or Ankara, New York City or Istanbul, citizens of every country around the world want to know what their government is up to. They want the news delivered to them quickly, accurately and without censorship or intimidation by the gatekeepers of that information.

Although some people accused him of being played by the CIA, Bianet noted Klasfeld’s reporting history where he investigated CIA’s torture practices.

He said the vast majority of people who have engaged with him on social media, however, have been very kind, respectful and helpful.

Many Turks who instantly translated his tweets into Turkish helped Klasfeld to reach a much wider audience than he could anticipate.