Rector shuts down Turkish clinic after mistreatment as undercover patient

The rector of Turkey’s Adnan Menderes University in the western province of Aydın shut down a dental clinic after what he said was poor treatment by the staff.

Professor Osman Selçuk Aldemir posed as a patient when visiting the International Dent Care dental clinic in the resort town of Kuşadası, following complaints that the clinic had refused to treat patients, CNN Türk reported.

Aldemir was met with clinical staff who, with cigarettes at hand, were quick to tell him to go to another hospital, as they were not looking after patients.

When the rector asked where the dentists were and insisted that he was suffering from severe toothache, the staff began to berate him, the rector said.

“Why are you asking so many questions? Our doctors are off. There have been no dentists here for a month,’’ Aldemir quoted the staff as saying.

“The air conditioning on all floors of the three-storey building was on. I decided that this was wasteful and we’d shut the place down. I told them that I was a rector as well,’’ Aldemir said.

The rector said the clinic would be reopened with new dentists as soon as possible.

Aldemir then called the head physician at the Faculty of Dentistry hospital, ordering for the clinic to be shut down.

The rector said the decision was not a personal one, and that any medical clinic, which refuses to treat patients or treats them in a reckless fashion should not be in service.