Turkish medical students increasingly sensitive about opposite sex – journal editor

The new generation of Turkish medical students are increasingly sensitive about their dealings with the opposite sex, pro-government newspaper HaberTürk cited the editor of the medical journal Toplum ve Hekim as saying.

“In practical education relating to reproductive organs such as reproductive health, births and urology, they do not even want to practice on models of the opposite sex,” Onur Hamzaoğlu said.

“Indeed, there are cases where they even close their eyes.”

The students gender-segregated when practicing taking one another’s pulse or blood pressure, Hamzaoğlu said.

“It is truly very thought-provoking that students should make this kind of distinction when even 99 percent of patients do not make it between doctors,” he added.

This caused problems in practicing medicine, Sinan Adıyaman of Ankara University Medical Faculty said.

“(Doctors) should know the reproductive organs of the opposite sex,” he said.

“There are some students who refuse to even shake hands with their doctor teachers of the opposite sex.”

Selçuk Erez, the head of the Istanbul Medical Association, recommended that those students study astrology instead.

“Stars don’t have a gender,” he said.


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