Jun 27 2018

Mehmet Altan sets foot outside of prison after two years

Journalist and academic Mehmet Altan has set foot outside prison to a muted welcome after spending behind bars for his alleged role in the media wing of the July 2016 coup attempt.

Altan was greeted by only a few close friends and family members despite the international furore his long pre-trial detention and conviction last February to life imprisonment caused.

Mehmet Altan and journalist Şahin Alpay had both twice been ordered released by Turkey’s highest judiciary body, the Constitutional Court, but the ruling was overturned by a lower court. Alpay was released in March, while Altan’s release was ordered on Jun. 27 after his appeal was successful.

“(The European Court of Human Rights) examined the file of the Istanbul court that handed me a life sentence and ruled that it was not even enough to have me detained,” said Altan upon his release.

Turkey and Europe’s highest courts should examine the case file that led to his life sentence and identify those who were involved in the case and pushed through the unjust ruling against him, he added.


Source: DHA