Ankara municipality issues warning to ex-mayor over access to city’s security system

The municipality of the Turkish capital of Ankara has issued a warning to the city’s long-time former mayor Melih Gökçek, after discovering the ex-mayor had access to the municipal security system in his home.

The municipality’s inventory records showed that the recording and control systems of security cameras in Ankara’s Dikmen valley were installed in the home of the former Justice and Development Party (AKP) mayor Gökçek, left-wing newspaper Birgün reported on Saturday.

Gökçek, who served as mayor of the Turkish capital from 1994 to 2017, was given three days to return the security cameras system, which is part of the Ankara municipality’s inventory, it said.

The secularist opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) won the mayoral seat in Ankara in the March 31 local elections, ending 25 years of rule by the Islamist AKP.

Gökçek, known for embarking on dozens of eccentric and costly public projects in the Turkish capital, resigned following pressure from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.