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Aug 12 2018

Akşener re-elected as opposition Good Party leader

Center-right nationalist opposition Good (İYİ) Party delegates re-elected Meral Akşener as the party’s leader following her resignation after criticisms of poor performance in the June elections, pro-government CNN Türk reported.

Presidential candidate Akşener received 7.2 percent of the votes in the country’s June snap elections while the Good Party received 9.9 percent support, gaining 43 seats in parliament.

Akşener, who resigned from her post on July 22, ran as the the only candidate for leader on Sunday, receiving 881 votes from a total of 888 delegates.

“Where were we? Only those who are brave, strong and true believers should stay on our team,” Akşener said in her speech on Sunday.

Three founding members of Good Party - Yusuf Halaçoğlu, Özcan Yeniçeri and Nevzat Bor - resigned earlier this month, citing authoritarianism in the party’s administration.

Good Party was founded in October 2017 by dissenters within the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) after they failed to unseat long-time leader Devlet Bahçeli, who has led the far-right party since 1997 and never won a general election.