Aug 16 2018

Hacked Turkish municipality sends pro-PKK texts

A group calling itself the AriHackTeam hacked a Turkish municipality and sent an SMS in its name commemorating a violent act perpetrated by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), an outlawed armed group seeking autonomy for Kurdish-majority areas in Turkey, Posta newspaper said.

“Our Resurrection Day, begun by Commander Agit on August 15, will turn into our Liberation and Victory Day,” the texts from the Mersin Municipality helpline number read, in reference to simultaneous attacks on Turkish gendarmes on August 15, 1984 which began the PKK’s armed campaign.

“The millions in Kurdistan today who are becoming like Agit will get the greatest revenge. Down with fascism, long live the spirit of August 15, long live leader Apo (PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan), long live the PKK.”

The municipality issued a statement denying it had any involvement in the sending of the SMS or any links with the group of hackers.

“There was no entry to our system detected. Cybersecurity experts and our police are carrying out the necessary investigation of the issue,” it said.

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